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Efficient Technology made it easy for us to deploy an application that seamlessly...

Mitch Rodriguez
Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services
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We went live in May 2005, and our users couldn't imagine living without the automated...

Darren Tedesco
Commonwealth Financial Services
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Thanks to ETI we have completely automated how our advisors do business...

Brian Propes
NFP Securities, Inc.
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The processing team was excited that the forms were legible and that the print was...

Debbie Uva
LPL Securities, Inc.
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Quik! saved us many hours in manual labor by giving us the ability to systematically...

Sofia Estrada
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I just want to say THANK YOU! for designing this system. I seem to fill out forms all...

Shannon Nies
Nies Group
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Efficient Technology Inc turned what would have been a huge time consuming task into...

Linda Campbell
IPS Advisors, Inc.
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I am so excited about your solution! It has given me a competitive edge and time to...

Robert A. Grier
Benefits Advice
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We can not live without Quik! in our office. We are always filling out a form for...

Vicki Wailgum
SJI Financial Services
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Thank you for understanding the challenges we face here. It's nice to have someone...

Shannon Condra
First Allied Securities, Inc.
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Our Process Considers:

  • What information is required.
    Forms are used to capture data required for a process in your company (e.g. place an order, enter a change of address, open an account, etc.)
  • Who needs this information.
    Who needs to review and approve the form to be sure that content and format are correct.
  • Where will the form data be stored.
    What elements on the form are being stored and in what format - including selection options, data options, etc.
  • What is the form workflow.
    Forms often follow a route from data capture to approval to signature to transaction.
  • What happens to the final form.
    The final resting spot of the form impacts the design to ensure proper storage and long-term availability.


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To find out how much you can save by having us design your forms, call us today!

Form Design Services

Professional forms that work!

Don't give form design over to someone who regards it as a task to finish so they can get back to their real job. We work with thousands of forms every month and it is what we excel at doing.

We have an established process for creating professional forms. The result is forms that are attractive, well-designed, ideal for online use and built to your specification. Forms that work for marketing, IT, compliance, legal, and, most of all, your customer. Don't trick yourself into think you'll save a few dollars doing it yourself only to wind up with forms that cost you more money every time they are used.

Design flaws happen in small and big companies alike. We should know because we manage tens of thousands of forms and see design flaws from even the largest companies. Why? Because form design is more than positioning a logo and making sure all the fields are there.

Our form design process is more about user-experience, ease of use, and the relation of the data on the form to the data you need to capture to run your business. We listen to your needs, focus on your goals and then deliver an optimal solution.

Contact us for our free Form Design Best Practices Guide.