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Efficient Technology made it easy for us to deploy an application that seamlessly...

Mitch Rodriguez
Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services
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We went live in May 2005, and our users couldn't imagine living without the automated...

Darren Tedesco
Commonwealth Financial Services
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Thanks to ETI we have completely automated how our advisors do business...

Brian Propes
NFP Securities, Inc.
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The processing team was excited that the forms were legible and that the print was...

Debbie Uva
LPL Securities, Inc.
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Quik! saved us many hours in manual labor by giving us the ability to systematically...

Sofia Estrada
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I just want to say THANK YOU! for designing this system. I seem to fill out forms all...

Shannon Nies
Nies Group
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Efficient Technology Inc turned what would have been a huge time consuming task into...

Linda Campbell
IPS Advisors, Inc.
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I am so excited about your solution! It has given me a competitive edge and time to...

Robert A. Grier
Benefits Advice
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We can not live without Quik! in our office. We are always filling out a form for...

Vicki Wailgum
SJI Financial Services
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Thank you for understanding the challenges we face here. It's nice to have someone...

Shannon Condra
First Allied Securities, Inc.
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The ETI Approach

  • Through a detailed process review, conducted with all key stakeholders, we identify the specific touch points that users will have as they move through the process.
  • We determine what is required to manage documents, routes, tasks, electronic signature requirements, collaboration, and users.
  • We determine what technologies will be utilized to ensure our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing business systems such as databases, archiving systems, and portals.
  • We help you define reasonable goals and expectations for a layered implementation.
  • We plot an efficient, cost-effective strategy with the necessary accountability to ensure success.
  • We're with you every step of the way from concept to implementation of your workflow automation initiative.


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Forms-Based Process Automation

It's time to make work flow.

Simply defined, workflow is the process of completing a series of tasks. A workflow can be simple, involving a single person, or a complex and dynamic series of processes among many people, groups or departments. In almost every case these processes are forms-based or forms-driven. For example, a loan application and a sales contract represent particular workflows with a number of dependent components.

Realize the Prmoise of Workflow Automation

In a forms-dominated environment where completion, routing and delivery are performed manually, errors are bound to occur. A specific procedure is not documented or followed, a required step or task is not completed or the form is routed to the wrong person or gets lost in the shuffle. Errors such as these are not just time consuming — they are costly to both your bottom line and your relationship with customers or clients.

Automating your forms-based workflow processes greatly reduces or eliminates errors in information gathering, routing, completion and delivery — all while completing processes in a fraction of the time. As a result, your operation realizes greater efficiencies, increased productivity, better time management, and a higher level of organization and communication.

At Efficient Technology there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions. We work closely with you to understand your existing business processes, goals and expectations. We then design a customized roadmap to optimize your workflow before implementing any workflow automation solutions.

That roadmap is based on our philosophy that realizing the promise of workflow automation involves building a step-by-step strategy to ensure success on an incremental basis. We layer one successful implementation upon another until we have built an integrated system that is reliable, efficient and cost- effective.

By analyzing your workflow processes, streamlining and automating forms-driven tasks, and facilitating an efficient, effective implementation, we provide intelligent, economical solutions to realize the promise of Workflow Automation.