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Efficient Technology made it easy for us to deploy an application that seamlessly...

Mitch Rodriguez
Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services
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We went live in May 2005, and our users couldn't imagine living without the automated...

Darren Tedesco
Commonwealth Financial Services
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Thanks to ETI we have completely automated how our advisors do business...

Brian Propes
NFP Securities, Inc.
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The processing team was excited that the forms were legible and that the print was...

Debbie Uva
LPL Securities, Inc.
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Quik! saved us many hours in manual labor by giving us the ability to systematically...

Sofia Estrada
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I just want to say THANK YOU! for designing this system. I seem to fill out forms all...

Shannon Nies
Nies Group
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Efficient Technology Inc turned what would have been a huge time consuming task into...

Linda Campbell
IPS Advisors, Inc.
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I am so excited about your solution! It has given me a competitive edge and time to...

Robert A. Grier
Benefits Advice
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We can not live without Quik! in our office. We are always filling out a form for...

Vicki Wailgum
SJI Financial Services
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Thank you for understanding the challenges we face here. It's nice to have someone...

Shannon Condra
First Allied Securities, Inc.
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Key Features

  • Make Communication Easier
    ETI's Forms Management solution is a powerful communication tool allowing your organization to upload new forms, add build instructions, view the build status of forms and generate reports.
  • Test Forms Before They Are Published
    Before forms are published for general use, you can review and test the form — if the form is acceptable you can then publish it for use, otherwise it can be sent back for revisions.
  • Control Forms Distribution and Access
    Tag a particular form "active", "outdated" or "inactive" so users do not use outdated or retired forms while still keeping them on the system for future reference.
  • Automatically Upload Form Updates
    With ETI's web-based technology, you can automatically make forms available for use whenever you publish a form update.
  • Utilize Multiple Delivery Options
    ETI's forms management technology can accept forms via web services, bulk uploads, direct uploads via the Quik! Forms Manager website, FTP, web-download or e-mail.
  • Access Live Reports
    Only ETI can give you real-time reports on how your forms are used, their current status, their details and many other valuable information sets to help you manage forms more efficiently.


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Forms Document Management

We put forms management at your fingertips.

A quick look at your organizational processes will probably reveal hundreds, if not thousands of forms that you use in your business. Managing more than a handful of forms quickly and efficiently can become an operational nightmare. Effectively designing, building and distributing forms requires multiple layers of communication, process management and version control. And undertaking an initiative to properly evaluate, eliminate, standardize, categorize, automate, and manage these forms can be daunting.

At Efficient Technology, we're experts at controlling and managing dedicated forms libraries. In fact, that's why we developed our proprietary Quik! Forms Manager technology to make the transition to electronic forms fast and easy. It is specifically designed to streamline communications and gives your team the ability to manage and track forms distribution through a privately hosted online library specifically designed to meet your needs.

Efficient Technology can make your complex information systems accessible, understandable and rich with information opportunity. And our comprehensive approach to document management will improve process-flow while serving as the foundation for "best practice" business models.

ETI puts forms management at your fingertips to improve organizational performance, workflow efficiency, and customer satisfaction.